ESG Business Trip, London 2019, June 3-4

 – Improving Rating Performance


Field trip sessions







Program Day 1, June 3

Session details below

07:00Gathering at the airport (CPH)
07:15CPH - STN
08:15STN - Crowne Plaza London the City and check-in
10:30Brunch at the hotel
Sessions at Crowne Plaza
11:00Session 1: SustainAbility
12.30Light lunch
13:00Session 2: Future Fit
14.25Leg stretch break
14.35Session 3: MSCI
Field trip session
16:30Session 4: Royal Bank of Canada Global Asset Management
18:00Pre-dinner session
19:00Transport to the restaurant
19:30Dinner hosted by Royal Bank of Canada Global Asset Management

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Program Day 2, June 4

Session details below

08:00Breakfast and check-out
Field trip sessions
09:30Session 5: London Stock Exchange
11:30Session 6: Hermes Investment Management
Light lunch hosted by Hermes Investment Management
14:00Transportation to the airport
16:25LHR - CPH
19:20Goodbye and thanks for the trip

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Session details

Session 1; SustainAbility

Exploring Expert and Investor Views on ESG Ratings

During an engaging workshop highlights from the multi-year Rate the Raters research will be shared to support discussion exploring the evolving ratings landscape (from a practitioner and investor perspectives), including the quality and usefulness of ESG ratings, how ratings are currently used and the future of ESG ratings in light of macro drivers and trends.


  • Michael Harvey, Senior Manager, SustainAbility
  • Christina Wong, Director, SustainAbility

Key note: Exploring Expert and Investor Views on ESG Ratings

Additional material: Rate the Raters research

Session 2; Future Fit

Making investments Future-Fit

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark looks at ESG performance through a systems lens, to assess real progress toward a sustainable future, rather than incremental improvements to the unsustainable present. It is a self-assessment tool used by an increasing range of companies to respond more effectively to today’s systemic challenges and emerging opportunities and by investors to engage companies and deeply their capital more effectively, by highlighting which companies really are doing most to respond to today’s systemic challenges and to capitalise on emerging opportunities. In this session we’ll explore what Future-Fit is all about, and how you can start using it.

Speaker: Co-founder & Executive Director Martin Rich, Future Fit

Key note: Making investments Future-Fit

Session 3; MSCI

ESG Ratings Simplified

MSCI ESG Ratings helps investors identify environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities within their portfolio. We research and rate companies on a ‘AAA‘ to ‘CCC’ scale according to their exposure to industry-specific ESG risks and their ability to manage those risks relative to peers. MSCI’s ESG Issuer Communications team is responsible for the standardized data verification process with issuers, inviting their feedback prior to and post ESG Rating assessment. The team is dedicated to interact with issuers, explaining the methodology underpinning  the research assessment, clarifying and answering questions.


  • Daniel Cremin, Global Head ESG Marketing (Ratings, Indexes, Analytics)
  • Jasmine Mehta, ESG Issuer Communications Head – EMEA, MSCI

Key note: ESG Ratings Simplified

Session 4; RBC Global Equities

ESG Integration: Theory and Practice

RBC Global Equities uses deep ESG integration and active stewardship to make a positive difference to our investors, companies and society.

This workshop gives insights into current academic ideas around ESG and how to implement them in practice. It will take a critical look at what ESG Ratings and Sustainability reporting can or cannot achieve and give a case study example of the complexities in assessing opportunities and risk.

Key Speaker: Ben Yeoh, Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC Global Equities

Additional key note by Karin Malmberg, Associate Director, Sustainalytics

Key notes:

Additional material: UNPRI Case studies

Session 5; London Stock Exchange Group/FTSE Russell

ESG ratings as an opportunity to improve sustainability disclosure and performance

As ESG and Sustainability increasingly move up the agenda, ESG data providers are well-positioned to understand the needs of both issuers and investors. Drawing on these insights, this session will cover FTSE Russell’s view of the key trends in Sustainable Investment, our approach to assessing a company’s ESG exposure and performance, and how ESG data is used by investors.


  • Jaakko Kooroshy, Head of Standards & Innovation, Sustainable Investment, FTSE Russell
  • Edmund Bourne, Sustainable Investment Associate, FTSE Russell

Key note: ESG ratings as an opportunity to improve sustainability disclosure and performance

Session 6; Hermes Investment Management

Improving Rating Performance – Hermes approach to ESG and Engagement

Hermes Investment Management provides active investment strategies and stewardship. Our goal is to help people invest better, retire better and create a better society for all. In this engaging session, our experts will cover four key areas:

  • Introduction to Hermes Investment Management – Magnus Kristensen, Director – Nordics
  • What is responsible investing and why do we do it – Michael Viehs, Associate Director – ESG Integration
  • How do we work and integrate ESG ratings – Louise Dudley, Portfolio Manager – Global Equities
  • Taking it further with Impact Investing – Maxime Le Floch, Associate Director – Impact Investing

Key note: Improving Rating Performance – Hermes approach to ESG and Engagement

Additional material:


All inclusive – accommodation, transportation, flights, food.

Before April 15, 2019: 1.000 € (7.500 DKK ex VAT) per delegate save 200 €

After April 15, 2019: 1.200 € (9.375 DKK ex VAT) per delegate