Big Data – November 13, 2017

Big Data with a view to sustainability

13.00Guided tour at the IBM Client Center
by Kim Escherich, Chief Innovation Architect, IBM
14.00Welcome and introduction to the meeting
14.15 Big Data as driver for sustainable innovation and the organization of enterprises
Key note by Trevor Davis, FRSA, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Consumer Industry Futurist (ENG)
15.15 Netværk
15.45Mindsets eats Big Data strategy for Breakfast
Key note by Per Østergaard Jacobsen, External lecturer, Department of Marketing, CBS
16.45Wrap-up and conclusion
17.00Network reception

When: November 13, 2017, 14.00 – 17.00
Venue: IBM Client Center Copenhagen. Kongevejen 495 B 2840 Holte
Tema: Digital Transformation and CSR
Co-partner: IBM Denmark
Partner: Økonomisk Ugebrev Ledelse

Who: Members of Forum for Strategic CSR
Price: Entrance fee: 2.450 DKK excl. VAT. Yearly membership fee: 9.500 DKK excl. VAT. Newcomers are welcome at no charge as sample visit.
Registration: By mail to

Big Data is one of the most innovative areas at all and experts in the field can look forward to solving tasks for public organizations and companies that are increasingly eager to gain knowledge about citizens, users and customers. Big data is the direct access to personal information that completely defines us and undresses us as individuals: where we go about, what we buy and who we are friends with just to mention a few.

These are data priceless in value to organizations and companies as with them they can target their marketing, tailor make their product designs, test their business strategies, and to top it all, build their entire business model to address their customers directly. Hence, there is no doubt that Big Data in the years to come will have a profound impact on our society, businesses and the public sector and, of course, us as individuals.

At the “Big Data with a view to sustainability” meeting you’ll get a look at this Pandora’s Box with insight into Big Data as a Strategic Tool for Sustainable Development and a practical model for how Big Data is used in the real world today and as key driver for sustainable business areas not far from now. The questions are as numerous as intriguing and as participant you can take part in finding the answers, for instance on the ethical considerations your business should do before entering into Big Data, how Big Data can be integrated into your CSR activities – and not least how CSR should be integrated with the use of Big Data.